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The return of Russkiegate

With so many accomplishments in the first 100 days of Donald J. Trump’s presidency – the immigration ban, the defunding of sanctuary cities, repeal and replace, infrastructure improvement, education reform, jobs for miners and other disaffected workers and the building of the Mexican wall, oh, wait, that stuff didn’t happen – it’s no wonder that Russkiegate was put on the back burner. When you’re sending Syria a calling card in the form of 59 Tomahawk missiles and aircraft carriers in the direction of South Korea – eventually – it’s easy to see how the Russian hacking scandal and possible ties to the Trump administration might seem like ancient history. ...

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Emmanuel Macron – the outside inside man

Stock markets are up as the world breathes a sigh of relief at the thought that Emmanuel Macron may be the next president of France.

On May 7, he and his En Marche! Party face off against Marine Le Pen and her National Front Party, having been the two top vote-getters in the first round. Basically, he’s the President Barack Obama of this story ...

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WAG editor debuts new novel

Yours Truly (and Humbly) is excited to be back at the Rainbow Book Fair in Manhattan Saturday, April 29. The noon to 6 p.m. event, billed as “the largest LGBT book event in America,” is always a day of thought-provoking readings and absorbing encounters with readers.

Three years ago, I had a blast at the event with “Water Music,” the first novel in my series “The Games Men Play,” about power, dominance, rivalry and jealousy. The well-received “Water Music” (Greenleaf Book Group) tells the story of four gay athletes and how their professional rivalries color their personal relationships.

Now I’m back at the Fair with “The Penalty for Holding” (Less Than Three Press, May 10), about a gay, biracial quarterback’s search for identity, acceptance, success and love amid the brutal beauty of the NFL. ...

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