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Thanksgiving and the attitude of ingratitude

It’s the season in which we give thanks for our blessings as a nation and as individuals. But that’s not what prevails in certain quarters.

Here we must begin at the top. Usually, American presidents use the Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to express how grateful we all are. Instead, El Presidente Trumpet, issuing a decree from his cell phone at the Winter White House (Mar a Lago) in Florida, is using the holiday to complain about how ungrateful certain people are toward him. Namely LaVar Ball, father of LiAngelo Ball, the UCLA basketball player picked up for shoplifting in China. ...

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The Don of denial

As heads roll in the sexual harassment version of Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities,” the accused-in-chief is taking a not so surprisingly compassionate approach to fellow accused: If they deny, you must comply.

Alabama Senate hopeful and mall exile Roy Moore says he didn’t do it, so, hey, vote for Roy Moore, President Donald J. Trumpet says. ...

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Colin Kaepernick – citizen of the year

Kudos to Colin Kaepernick, who has been named GQ magazine’s “Citizen of the Year.” He’s a reminder, though, that the path to activism and humanitarianism isn’t always paved with glory.  I’m sure he’d rather have a job in the NFL. I’m sure he’d rather not be vilified.

But we don’t always get to choose our circumstances. Sometimes they are chosen for us. What matters is how we react to them. And what we do with them. ...

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