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Trump’s crisis of leadership

The continuing Revolving Door Policy of the Trump Administration has thrown the systemic failure of Alexandrian leadership – leadership from the front – into sharp relief.

President Donald J. Trumpet has surrounded himself with Trumpettes – yes-men and, to a lesser extent, yes-women – and distanced himself from the No, No, Nanettes. Which is odd, considering his professed love of chaos. Wouldn’t you want some tension, some conflict? ...

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Thoughts on Stephen Hawking

The word “intellectual” has become a dirty one in our culture, and scientists, artists and academics suspect. But there is no greatness in this world without great thinking.

Stephen Hawking – the transcendent English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and mathematician, who died Wednesday, March 14 at age 76 after battling motor neuron disease his entire adult life – had, of course, a great mind, one that bridged Einstein and quantum theory...

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Trump to Tillerson: “You’re fired”

In the Revolving Door Policy that is the Trump Administration, Secretary Rex Tillerson is out at the State Department, and Mike Pompeo, the CIA director, is in.

I’m of two minds about not-so-sexy Rexy. You can’t run a government or a government agency like a business – cutting people to save money. Tillerson gutted the place and drove senior staffers at State from their jobs. He never understood that a government has a heterogeneity that businesses don’t. It’s only as good as its weakest link. In business, which is first and foremost about making money and a homogenous approach to that goal, you get rid of the weak links. ...

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