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Trump and our road to Damascus

when you think you’re free to blog about something fun like the new tennis pavilion Melania Trump is building at the White House for her, Novak Djokovic-like husband — not— or the new movie “The King,” starring Timothée Chalumet as a real leader, Henry V , President Donald J. Trump does something else stupid on the road to IM, impeachment meltdown. If it’s not Rick Perry being thrown under the bus one day, it’s the Syrian Kurds watching the bus filled with American soldiers pulling out the next, leaving these staunch American allies in the fight against ISIS to fend for themselves against their longtime enemies, the Turks, in what has already become a humanitarian crisis.

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'Coup'ed up with Trump

Well, that went well. We’re talking about President Donald J. Trump’s press conference with the latest hapless foreign leader caught in the crosshairs of his love-hate relationship with the press. Really, it almost doesn’t matter who it is. That it happened to be the president of Finland — land of the properly raked forests — held a certain irony, particularly after Sauli Ninistö turned out to be the sly one, telling Trump to keep America’s “great democracy” going.

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Push comes to shove for politics' Bobbsey Twins

Well, it’s been a bad time for blonds — LOL, as people say (whoever those people are).

Not to gloat but those of us who are sick onto death of the baloney-swilling strongmen have gotten a bit of our own back this week. And what is particularly sweet is their enemies delivered the coup de grace mob-style: They blindsided them.

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