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Bannon’s Mueller time, ancient Roman edition

In the deathless imperial Roman epic that is the reign of Caesar Donaldus Johnus Trumpus, the citizens of the empire careen from one Circus Maximus to another. As Caesar Trumpus seeks godlike status, there is fresh outrage among members of the Senate and the citizenry after Caesar uses language most foul to describe Africa and other allied nations during a meeting at the Domum Album (which Caesar one sniffed was really a dump-us). ...

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The pit and the pendulum of sexual harassment

Every revolution has a counterrevolution. We push a pendulum away from us and it comes back to us with equal force. That’s just physics.

And, as it turns out, politics. A pair of Catherines – actress Deneuve and writer Millet – have joined with 100 Frenchwomen to sign a letter in Le Monde stating that #MeToo has gone too far. They want men to be treated fairly. They don’t want women to appear as wimps. And, most of all, they don’t want sexual freedom curtailed. The “freedom to bother” – as in a man bothering a woman – is “indispensable to sexual freedom.” ...

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Would you immigrate to Trumplandia?

You have to hand it to President Donald J. Trump. He really knows how to commemorate an occasion with a bang. On the anniversary of the Haitian earthquake and Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Trumpet decided to let the world know that people are not to be judged by what King called “the content of their character” but by what one witty Washington Post poster called “their country of origin.”

Trump apparently told Senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Durbin – who thought they were at the White House to negotiate the bipartisan immigration “bill of love” that “Apprentice” Trump spoke of Tuesday when he was trying to disprove the lunatic persona portrayed in Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” – that we don’t need people from Haiti, El Salvador and “s---hole” countries in Africa. No, what we need is immigrants from places like Norway. ...

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