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The politics of sexual assault

OK, show of hands:  Who had Friday in the office pool as the day that President Donald J. Trumpet would finally lose it over Christine Blasey Ford?….

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Novak Djokovic auctions off a bit of personal history

Now you can swing a racket like a US Open champion — not to mention tell time like one. On Thursday, Sept. 20, Christie’s will conduct an online-only auction of the Head racket US Open men’s singles champion Novak Djokovic used to defeat Roger Federer in the Open tune-up, Cincinnati's Western & Southern Open.

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Brett Kavanaugh and the assault on justice

It was perhaps inevitable that the #MeToo movement should wind its way through a variety of industries to the pinnacle of Washington D.C. For at its heart, #MeToo is about power – specifically white, male power and privilege – and what those have wrought on others, specifically the female of the species.

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