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Trump, Omarosa and race

These are not the best of times for race relations in America – perhaps the understatement of five lifetimes. A year after Charlottesville, 61 percent of Americans see  an increase in racial tensions, according to a new CBS News poll….

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Talking 'Turkey' about NFL protests

Wildfires still burning out of control in California. Some border babies still not reunited with their parents. Markets reeling from Turkey’s plummeting economy, pushed further down by Trumpian tariffs.

But thank God President Donald J. Trumpet has made us safe from kneeling NFL players….

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Trump, LeBron James and free speech

Aaron Rodgers is among the latest people to respond to President Donald J. Trump’s criticism of LeBron James. Rodgers thinks we should take a stoic approach to Trumpian attacks. But should we?….

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