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Impermanent interests:  Trump's own Iran contra scandal

What did Iran have to do with Nicaragua? Nothing except that the Reagan Administration used the sale of embargoed arms to Iran — yes the very Iran that we now hate — to fund the Contras in their opposition to the communist Nicaraguan government, all behind Congress’ back.

What does Saudi Arabia have to do with Ukraine? Nothing except that the Trump Administration is apparently sending troops to Saudi Arabia to distract from a whistleblower complaint that President Donald J. Trump allegedly withheld aid to Ukraine as he pressured the struggling democracy to investigate rival Joe Biden’s efforts to help son Hunter’s business dealings there. Needless to say, any administration efforts to cooperate with the inevitable congressional hearings won’t be happening.

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Rudolph Giuliani and the power of context

The Giulianis are getting a divorce and it’s starting to get ugly. For those who hated Rudolph Giuliani’s heavy-handed, albeit successful, management of New York City or can’t understand how “America’s mayor” — the man who guided the city during its worst day, 9/11 — wound up as President Donald J. Trump’s lawyer, the divorce news comes with a high degree of schadenfreude.

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Justifying Justify

Let us conduct a thought experiment, shall we? You are a world-class tennis player on the eve of the US Open. The night before it begins, a villainous individual steels into your room and injects you with a powerful, performance-enhancing drug. You, in a deep sleep, barely feel a pinprick. To you, it’s all a dream — but one that is about to become a nightmare.

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