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When Donnie met Vladdie, again

There’s much outrage on the left and even on the right about President Donald J. “Donnie Two Scoops” Trumpet’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir “Vladdie the Laddie, Rootin’, Tootin’” Putin in Helsinki Monday, in which he threw U.S. intelligence under the bus and sided with his BFF. But really at this point why is any of this surprising? What else was he going to say? …

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More adventures in publishing: Thrillerfest’s a blast

Jury duty meets speed dating meets “Antiques Roadshow.” That’s Thrillerfest XIII, which runs through Sunday at the Grand Hyatt, a hop, skip and a jump from Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

As the name implies, the conference is designed to bring fans, writers, agents, editors, publishers and movie producers of all types of thrillers together for one big thrill fest. This year’s big honoree is George R.R. Martin of “Game of Thrones” fame. Pretty heady stuff.

Me, I was just there to pitch my latest novel …

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Baby Donald in Europe

Well, that went well.

President Donald J. Trumpet’s meeting with NATO allies was akin to the belligerent uncle who insists on reminding you at the holiday dinner that you still haven’t repaid the money he loaned you to buy the house – with interest.

Donnie Two Scoops came out with guns blazing, bullying the allies to ante up more for defense and dumping on Germany for, well, everything …

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