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Tragedy and farce in remembering D-Day

In his essay “The Eighth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon,” Karl Marx quotes the Hegelian idea that “all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice.

“He forgot to add the first time as tragedy,” Marx went on, “the second time as farce.”

On Thursday, the world marked the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy to liberate Europe of Nazi tyranny. The Allies have been marking it as shadows of themselves. During the American Revolution, the British invaded the colonies, bringing death and destruction. This week, we returned the favor. We sent them Trump.

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Anchors away for 'Tariff Man'

The recent revelation that the White House tried to get the U.S. Navy to “hide” the destroyer USS John McCain during President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Japan — lest he be disturbed by a reminder of his late adversary — coupled with Trump’s attempt to strong-arm Mexico into stepping up border security by imposing a five percent tariff on our biggest trading partner continues the prez’s narcissistic narrative. Trump doesn’t care whom he hurts — the senator’s grieving family, the people who will ultimately pay the price for the tariffs (you and me) — because, hey, that’s the way he rolls.

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Donald Trump and the 'I' words

So we’ve finally heard from Robert Mueller about his investigation into Russkiegate and while we didn’t learn anything new, we did have the extraordinary experience of the special prosecutor emphasizing that while he couldn’t prove the Trump campaign was guilty of a crime, he still wasn’t exonerating the president from obstruction of justice.

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