Water Music Praise


“‘Water Music’ is modern, sleek, has great characters, witty dialogue and a setup that will keep readers turning the page. Ms. Gouveia blends history, politics and literary references and allusions like a classical scholar, yet she never distracts or loses the reader’s rapt attention.”
– Sarah Bracey White, author, “Primary Lessons”

“Georgette Gouveia brings the eye of an artist and the ear of a musician to ‘Water Music,’ her debut novel, which plunges you into the world of competitive sports to meet the men who play the games. The fascinating and spirited novel sweeps readers from Olympic swimming pools to the courts at Wimbledon. And when the swim trunks are off and the tennis rackets tucked away, she finds these athletes in the bedroom, where they fall in love and finally learn who they really are.”
– Barbara Nachman, author, “Editor of the Year”

“‘Water Music’ is a haunting story of what it means to be an outsider in our often cruel culture and even in our own lives. In the end, it’s a story about how we come to accept others and ourselves and that makes it a timely tale indeed.”
– Dr. Erika Schwartz, author, “The Hormone Friendly Diet”

“‘Water Music’ is a compelling story about the language of male relationships. Georgette Gouveia’s debut novel is deep, tender, perceptive and provocative on every level. I look forward to reading more by this author.”
– Karen Rippstein, poet, creative writing instructor

Amazon reviewers say...

"This book just shook me up. It stirred me. It spilled me into an ice-filled glass left me punch drunk."

"Powerful, enjoyable, well-written. The subject matter address important issues from a very different perspective. It is all about power and control and yet, the inner struggles shared by all humanity."

"Amazing achievement for a woman because it is all from the emotional perspective of men! Yet, I kept forgetting this was a female writer. A good writer is a good writer; it doesn't matter. But men have been "defining" women for all time, it was nice to have this beautiful, evocative book told by a woman. In fact, perhaps it helped give more emotional depth with the love stories. In addition to being a tear-jerker, there are some very funny moments. And I don't believe I have ever run across a story quite like it; an original work, indeed!"

"rom the very first page of WATER MUSIC, Georgette Gouveia pulls you into the story. The commentary of the swimming competition makes you feel as if you are there – actually watching the event. The author allows the reader to get to know each character through their own voice. This works in a very good way. You actually feel the emotions of the characters. Keep the tissues nearby. You are going to need them. … I am so glad I gave this book a chance because I could not put it down. Georgette Gouveia’s unique and captivating writing style had me glued to my Kindle. I fell in love with the characters and the story. I think you will too."

Goodreads reviewers say...

"Yield. Submit. Surrender to this heart warming book by Georgette Gouveia. A book so Compelling you wouldn't lose any interest in reading. A timely tale of struggle, abuse, honor, humbleness acceptance , all wrap up in episode like chapters. This novel is a promise, a promise of more amazing works by Ms Georgette that you wouldn't wanna miss."

"One of the best books I’ve read this year, by far. I’ve read a couple of books written in somewhat the same style – books written in the first person, others showing “episodes” from the characters’ lives rather than a story in a straight line, but this is the first book of its kind that I’ve enjoyed. And that is most certainly the understatement of the year. From the very first page, I think I knew this was going to be special. … The author doesn’t deal with the impossible, improbable or the unbelievable – everything she writes is something you can picture in your mind every step of the way, or even picture it happening in real life. I was absolutely bawling at the end of this book, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m actually happy and proud to say it, because it’s a testament of the author’s talent."

"I have read many sports books but this was one of the best. The first portion of the book read almost like two separate books. It dwelled either on Dylan and Daniel the Olympic swimmers and lovers or Ali and Allen the tennis pros and lovers. Then Ms Gouveia blended the four together and emotions, finances and relationships flew in the winds. I enjoyed the different POVs that changed with most every chapter. The interpersonal dynamics were very well developed as were the secondary characters. The twist at the end was a real surprise for me."

"I’m not sure how to put into words everything that Water Music has made me feel. It was tragic and beautiful, frustrating and poignant. A reminder that life doesn’t always lead us where we expect it to and all we can control is our reaction to it. That no matter what happens we choose our reactions and our decision to be happy or not. That people aren’t good or bad, but an ever-changing mix of the two, and that strength is sometimes quiet and untouchable through life’s unending challenges."