Rafanole continued

Check out this fun video of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic playing tennis on a boat near Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina to promote t and t – tennis and tourism – while they’re on the David Nalbandian farewell tour. You can see they’re playing very carefully, almost as if it were table tennis, because one slip and its “Titanic” time – but is this crazy or what? I like the moment Nole calls Rafa to the net. I think he’s suggesting Rafa try to hit the glacier with one of his serves.

A great video, enhanced by the soundtrack, French DJ and tennis buff Martin Solveig’s buoyant, sexy “Ready 2 Go” (with Kele). This is my new go-2 exercise video. It really gets you moving.

Rafanolians may also want to peruse The New York Times’ writer Christopher Clarey’s end-of-tennis-season piece, in which he suggests the turning point of the season was that moment in the Rafanole French Open semifinal when Nole fell into the net. Was it nerves, fate? You figure the momentum was with him: He doesn’t trip, he goes on for the win and the title, because, let’s face it, that semifinal was the final. But he touched the net, and on such small moments do great ones turn. No matter. Nole says he’s going Rambo to train for the new season and regain the No. 1 ranking. But I’ve said all along that if he wants it, he’s going to have to take Rafa on the red clay of Roland Garros in the spring.

That’s where Rafa lives and that’s where Nole’s going to have to make his stand.