Will Sterling go gentle into that good night?

Well, Adam Silver, the new NBA commish, did the right thing re: Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling, but what a mess, huh? Will the NBA be able to enforce Sterling’s lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine? Will Sterling sue? Those are the questions of the moment.

Meanwhile, much of the blogosphere is still stuck on the private/public dichotomy. He was set up, this group says, plus, lots of people say things in private that don’t reflect how they act in public. I had this conversation over Easter dinner with a gay friend as he defended former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, who lost his job over his private support for the anti-gay Prop 8. This, too, was the act of a private citizen.

But it comes down to leadership. You can’t lead all the people when you’re only for some of the people.

It’s a subject I explore in my upcoming “Games Men Play” novel “In This Place You Hold Me,” which presents two very different types of leadership in the form of the bigoted Pat Smalley, head coach of the NFL’s New York Templars, and his all-embracing star quarterback Quinton Day Novak, with whom he’s always at loggerheads.

There’s a lot of prejudice in the workplace, and I’m not just talking racism, sexism and homophobia – although there’s plenty of that – but prejudice against anyone who’s different or seems smarter.

So the question is, Are we going to be a Coach Smalley or a Quinnie Day?