Tom moves on as NFL zeroes in on Deflate-gate ‘person of interest’

“See me.   Feel me.   Touch me.   Heal me.”   From The Who’s “Tommy”

“See me. Feel me. Touch me. Heal me.” From The Who’s “Tommy”

OK, the locker room attendant did it.


The NFL investigation into Deflate-gate has zeroed in on a New England Patriots’ scapegoat, er, attendant as a “strong person of interest.” So when “SNL” lampooned the incident, bringing on Pats’ “assistant equipment co-manager” Dougie Spoons (Bobby Moynihan) as the brains behind the whole operation, well, the show was not far off. (Best line: “This man (Brady) is a saint. He has won three Super Bowls, six if you count the losses.”)

Meanwhile, “the saint” has said his feelings were hurt by the insinuation that he deflated his own balls. But he’s moved on.

Oh, Tommy, if only we could.