Alexander (Hamilton) the Great

The $10 bill, as we like it

The $10 bill, as we like it

OK, I must take a moment away from the Supremes and their historic decisions this week to protest the idea of getting rid of Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill in favor of a woman.

Alexander Hamilton? The man who gave us shopping? It’s not surprising that there’s a hit Broadway musical about him. The guy was all about the cash. Say what you want about Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison, but Hamilton understood that “Power without revenue is a mere bauble.” Precisely. The reason we are the richest nation on earth is because of Hamilton.

And what, we women aren’t good enough for the $20 bill? Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman and Sacagawea aren’t better than Andrew Jackson, a slaveholder who knew nothing about banking?

The $20 is the most visible form of our currency, given that cash machines rarely dispense anything else. Dump Jackson, put a woman on the $20 and leave Alex the Great alone.