Too long at the fair? Fed bows out for the rest of the year

With all the viciousness in American politics right now, it’s a pleasure to take a break from it to focus on the Olympics, which begins Friday, and consider the searing questions of the moment, like why has swimmer Ryan Lochte dyed his hair ice-blue? So he’ll look like a merman? Except it makes him look old and flies in the face of his pronouncement that he’s matured. (Do mature people dye their hair blue?) Ryan, Ryan: We still love you.

Lochte and his great rival, Michael Phelps, will be taking one more plunge into the Olympics. Novak Djokovic – who just won his fourth Rogers Cup and 30th Masters title – will be there as well, having bounced back from his Wimbledon upset by Sam Querrey. Andy Murray – who’s shaping up to be his big rival once again, having taken Wimbledon – will also be there, while Rafael Nadal and his tender wrist are questionable.

One big name who won’t be there is Roger Federer, who’s taking the rest of the year off to heal various injuries. You can just sense the hysteria heating up among the Federinas. Mother of Mercy, is this the end of Feddy – to paraphrase a movie line from “Little Caesar”? Does this jeopardize his GOAT status? Can he, should he come back? 

No Fed fan here – and I’m sick of hearing about how classy he is when he makes everything about himself – but he should play as long as he continues to enjoy it.

And only he can determine that.

Yes, there’s always the danger of staying too long at the fair. But when the fair is so lovely, how can you resist? How long is too long?

When you’re in tune with yourself, you know when it’s right to leave. Feddy’s a smart guy. But more to the point, he’s a proud guy. He’s not going out in a diminished state. My guess is that he’ll know when it’s right for him to go.