The Don of denial

Charlie Rose is among the latest to get the sexual harassment ax.

Charlie Rose is among the latest to get the sexual harassment ax.

As heads roll in the sexual harassment version of Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities,” the accused-in-chief is taking a not so surprisingly compassionate approach to fellow accused: If they deny, you must comply.

Alabama Senate hopeful and mall exile Roy Moore says he didn’t do it, so, hey, vote for Roy Moore, President Donald J. Trumpet says.

This is not unlike Trump’s meeting with BFF Vladdie “Rootin’ Tootin’” Putin in which Vlad the lad looked under the long lashes of his baby blues and told “Mr. President” that he had nothing – nothing – to do with Russkiegate and furthermore, he was shocked – shocked – that someone would think otherwise. He was hurt and insulted and our president felt his pain.

Would that his compassion would extend to minorities, women, the middle class, immigrants – it’s a long list.

As for transgressors with a parenthetical D after their names, fugeddaboutit. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota) isn’t Al Franken. He’s Al Frankenstein to the prez. (How long did it take him to come up with that clever moniker?) No doubt he’s chortling over the latest allegations against mainstream journalists Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush. Trumpet seems to have forgotten that not long ago he was on the sexual harassment hot seat, along with bigwigs at Fox.

Conservatives say liberals are sanctimonious and hypocritical about this issue. Funny, that’s what the liberals say about the conservatives. It seems as if each group is often holier than thou but about different concerns.

I say no one has a patent on morality. These men deserve their day in court. But the courts of public opinion and the marketplace have already spoken. Thrush has been suspended from The New York Times and Rose has lost his CBS and PBS gigs. Sexual harassment – once pooh-poohed, sniggered at and swept under the rug – has become the third rail of the career-minded.

And there’s no denying that.