The woman he loves

Prince Harry and Megan Merkle have happy news. Image  here .  DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images.

Prince Harry and Megan Merkle have happy news. Image here.  DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images.

Somewhere up there, Princess Diana is smiling.

And Wallis Warfield Simpson, aka the Duchess of Windsor, is laughing her skinny butt off.

For Prince Harry of Wales has announced that come next spring he is taking a bride. And not just any bride but a divorced, American one at that.

Meghan Markle – actress (Rachel Zane on the USA Network’s legal eagles show “Suits”) and human rights’ advocate – is a woman of and for her time. But time was when you couldn’t be a woman of your time. In 1936, Edward VIII had to renounce the throne to marry the twice-divorced Simpson, “the woman he loved” and could not live without. Ironic since the Church of England had been founded to give Henry VIII the divorce he so avidly sought from Catherine of Aragon.

But that’s all water under the London Bridge now.

To those who’ve made snide remarks about Markle being biracial, I say, let go of fear and embrace love.

To those who would raise an eyebrow to her being divorced, or, Heaven forfend, a member of “the Colonies,” I say leap from the 19th century and enter the 21st .

And to those who say, “Who cares about the royals?” I say, Who doesn’t love a love story in an age when there is so much disheartening news every day?

So let’s raise an imaginary glass to the happy couple, wish them a long, flourishing life together – and get set for some over-the-top appointment TV in the spring of 2018 (with plenty of wedding prep alerts beforehand).

There’s nothing I love more than a wedding – especially if it’s not my own.