Trump’s endless blame game

The New York Times columnist Frank Bruni has suggested Donald Trump send Hillary Clinton a box of these – and let her go.

The New York Times columnist Frank Bruni has suggested Donald Trump send Hillary Clinton a box of these – and let her go.

How bad have things gotten?

So bad that people are now feeling sorry for Jeff Sessions.

The attorney general is the new President Donald J. Trump whipping boy. If only Sesh hadn’t recused himself from the Russia investigation, Trumpet wouldn’t be in the fix he’s in – so the twisted thinking of the president goes. In the world of the narcissist, the context has to keep changing to ensure that the narcissist is always right. Trump’s feeling the heat of Russkiegate but can’t blame himself for it and so has to find a vehicle, and a diversion, for his anger. Thus, Sessions is suddenly no good. I’m no fan of his, but how was he supposed to know when he recused himself that the Trump Administration would be investigated for its Russian ties? And even so, while the attorney general is appointed by the president and confirmed by Congress, the A.G.’s job is to be the chief lawyer for the United States of America. He works for us.

But this isn’t just about Trump’s narcissism or his deflections from the real issues – the health-care debacle, the investigation into his family’s relationships with the Russkies. It’s also about his whackadoodle meanness. With the exception of Ivanka and the Russians, no one is any good – not the Iranians and not the transgender people in the military. I get it, conservatives don’t want the military to pay for drugs, treatments and surgeries for transgender individuals, fearing it would be extravagant at best and – oh, I don’t know – pornographic at worst. Transgender individuals are people whose minds tell them one thing about their gender and whose bodies tell them another. They’re not nuts or perverted. They are victims of a cruel biological, genetic trick. You don’t want to pay for their medical benefits? Fine, but why am I paying for miners? Why should I pay for people to get lung disease deliberately? Why is it only people of color who are Reaganite welfare queens but poor, opioid-addicted white people who can’t hold jobs somehow get a pass?

The point of medical, dental, car, home and life insurance is that we all pay into a pot so it’s there when we need it, and pray we never need it except for routine stuff.

But no, we have to waste time hating on people who are tortured by the knowledge that they’re trapped in the wrong bodies. Or we can waste time hating on the president’s favorite hate objects, President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton. (Dude, let them go. They have spouses while you have Vladdie and Melania. As Frank Bruni wrote in his tongue-in-cheek column, send Hill a box of Godivas and move on.) Must we again cue Céline Dion?

But Trump can’t let his heart – such as it is – go on. He’s stuck in obsessive gear in his never-ending blame game.