Donald Trump’s female trouble

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The House Republicans are about to release their findings on Russkiegate and, shock of all shocks, they say there’s no collusion between President Donald J. Trumpet and Russkie Prez Vladimir “Vlad the Lad, Rootin’, Tootin’” Putin.

Given that intelligence committee chair Devin Nunes was basically a lap dog for Trumpet – running over to the White House and hiding in the bushes with fake charges about the Obama administration’s conspiracy against the Trumpet campaign – this was always a foregone conclusion.

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller’s investigation, which apparently has bigger fish to fry than obstruction of justice charges against Donnie Two Scoops, continues to go on its methodical way.

Regardless, I’ve never thought Russkiegate was going to bring The Donald down. Rather, it has always been about the two Ws – Wall Street and women. So far, the Street doesn’t know how to react to taxes and tariffs, bouncing up and down. We won’t know the effects of these rammed-through policies for a while.

But women – ah, they’re a sure bet to bring Trumpet down. The Pussy Hats, #MeToo, Time’s Up, the 19 women who are already suing him, resisters like San Jose, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Oakland, California Mayor Libby Schaaf – the Antigones of our story, standing up to the government and the law respectively for a higher moral purpose – these are all thorns in Trumpet’s side. But the biggest onr of all may prove to be Stormy Weather Daniels. She may be a porn actress, but that doesn’t make her stupid.

Daniels – set to appear on “60 Minutes” Sunday – has one tough, clever lawyer in Michael Avenatti, who’s maneuvered Trumpet between the proverbial rock and a hard place. He’s steered Daniels to offer to return the $130,000 she received from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump in exchange for ending the nondisclosure agreement she signed (but he didn’t). This is brilliant: Either way, Trumpet has to acknowledge her presence. Those are his only two choices.

And either way, you have to figure Daniels is going to talk. Not that there’s anything illegal about having an affair. But there is plenty that’s illegal about using campaign email to hush it up.

Ah, the irony: Trumpet spent so much time castigating “Crooked Hillary” about her emails only to have trouble with his own. And to think he may be brought down by the very gender he has so thoroughly demeaned.