When Donnie met Kimmie, or good son/bad son


I won’t pretend to know what will come of President Donald J. Trumpet’s meeting with “L’il Kim” Jong-un. Even the Repubsare in “we’ll see” mode. On the one hand, this is an extraordinary moment, and you can’t help but root for it. But can we “sleep tonight,” as Donnie Two Scoops tweeted? This is not the first time that we’ve been to the North Korea-turns-over-a-new-leaf rodeo. North Korea still has nukes capable of reaching the United States. Nothing has changed, yet. “We’ll see,” the Donald likes to say famously. We certainly will, won’t we?

The psychological dynamics remain the most fascinating aspect of recent diplomatic exchanges. Both Kim and Trump are damaged daddy’s boys in constant need of approval. (Did you notice when Trump put an arm on Kim after signing their mutual agreement to, well, continue talking? It was almost fatherly. And Kim’s arm on Trump’s back was almost supportive.)

If Kim is the prodigal son returned to an equally narcissistic daddy, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the good son cast out by him. Why? Trudeau is a golden boy – a handsome, intelligent, big-hearted family man, everything Kim will never be. But he’s Canadian, an ally, and narcissists especially tend to take their friends for granted. The narcissist needs a new audience, preferably one like himself.

And so Donnie Two Scoops continues on his merry hypocriticalway – negotiate with North Korea, tear up the Iran nuclear deal. Why? Because the Iranians are the enemies of his friends the Saudis and because it was President Barack Obama’s idea. (And don’t forget North Korea has beaches, lots of beaches, good for hotels.)

Trump not only picks winners and losers, he sanitizes winners and demonizes losers, with his minions playing God alongside him. Trade adviser Peter Navarro said there was “a special place in Hell” for Trudeau. (He has since apologized.)

Hell is a mirthless, joyless place. Navarro needn’t worry about Trudeau going to Hell. But he should take care himself, for he is already in it.