Baby Donald in Europe

Image  here . Credit Amer Ghazzal/Barcroft Media via Getty Images.

Image here. Credit Amer Ghazzal/Barcroft Media via Getty Images.

Well, that went well.

President Donald J. Trumpet’s meeting with NATO allies was akin to the belligerent uncle who insists on reminding you at the holiday dinner that you still haven’t repaid the money he loaned you to buy the house – with interest.

Donnie Two Scoops came out with guns blazing, bullying the allies to ante up more for defense and dumping on Germany for, well, everything – getting natural gas from Russia instead of the United States; not carrying its share of the financial and military load; being led by a strong woman, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who, ironically, is now the leader of the free world; being led by a strong woman who liked President Barack Obama; living.

Just kidding on that last one. But you get the idea. Trumpet has an Obama fixation and a hatred of commanding women. Beating down on Angie has multiple benefits to him:  It enables him to wallow in his obsessions while playing to the base and projecting his Russkie connections onto someone else.

Despite this, the allies – who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States on 9/11 – were temperate in their responses. But I think the time for forbearance is over. There’s a time to push back, too, and that time is now.

Trumpet is basically a bully, and bullies are weaklings, as evidenced by his trip to Great Britain where his widdle feelings were hurt by the presence of the baby Donald blimp. But not so hurt that he didn’t try to throw politically fragile Prime Minister Theresa May under the bus for not taking his advice on Brexit. (Please. He didn’t even know Scotland voted against Brexit.) Poor May. First, Boris Johnson, Britain’s answer to Widdle Donald (same type of blond blowhard), stabs her in the back; then the Donald comes to visit to stab her in the back. The only good news for Britain this week has been the christening of Prince Louis. (All together now, aw. )

Only two and a half months old, and already he’s smarter than baby Donald.