Negotiating with the stars

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One of the more endearing but also infuriating things about Americans is their belief that anyone can do anything if he just works hard enough, fast enough. This is the “Dancing With the Stars” philosophy of life that says you, too, can be a ballroom dancer if you have three weeks of intense training and, possibly, Maksim Chmerkovsky as a partner.

This would be amusing if it weren’t sometimes so deadly. Now we have a president who lacks the talent, temperament, training and technique for the job and it shows in the country pulling unilaterally out of the Iran nuclear deal, moving its embassy to Jerusalem with violent consequences and now facing a North Korean pullout from the planned summit due to American-South Korean military maneuvers.

You know something is desperately wrong when Kim Jong-un starts making sense. Why should he trust the United States to make a nuclear deal when it’s pulled out of the Iran nuke deal? How can President Donald J. Trumpet play peacemaker when America’s role as arbiter between the Palestinians and the Israelis is in deep jeopardy after the embassy move led to bloody Palestinian protests in Gaza?

For someone who is supposed to be such a great dealmaker, The Donald seems to have a poor understanding of leverage. What leverage do you have when you side with one group over another? What is the incentive for the Israelis to make any concessions to the Palestinians when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a Trumpet strongman? What is the incentive for the Palestinians to make any concessions to the Israelis? Do you think the Israelis are going to share Jerusalem and remove the Jewish settlements to accommodate the Palestinians? Do you think the Palestinians are going to give up Hamas? Trump’s already shown his hand. He doesn’t have any more cards to play, not even – forgive me, the Trump card.

Similarly, he’s legitimized North Korea while simultaneously putting Kim Jong-un on edge. What’s his incentive to negotiate with Donnie Two Scoops?

Better put the Nobel Peace Prize on hold. This is what you get when bring amateurs to a professional dance.